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MIHA Season Review/Results

Leaf Ray had a team that competed in the T4 division of MIHA.

This season rather than focus on two teams, we focused on one team. In the past we would bring 6-8 players per tournament and the teams were frustrated with disappointing finishes due to not being able to keep up with teams that had deeper benches. This season we carried 9-10 players each weekend which was a tremendous help. With that we only had 2 games decided by greater than 3 goals.

The team finished the season with a 6-7-1 record just missing the Championship Tournament.

When asking the team what they thought would help for next season, it seemed that most players said that we needed more practice time to come together as a team. Management agrees with this and is continuing to move forward with the renovating of our very own facility.

Picture Above: Leaf Ray (Tier 4) - MIHA Pittsburgh Tournament

Players (left to right): #7 Dan Fowler, #0 Matt Lynch (Goalie), & #34 Anthony Meeink

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