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Leaf Ray has been looking for a facility to call our home since conception in 2017.  In 2022 the team found a property in Central Iowa.  We are activity working with the property owner about remodeling.  The property was in rough shape and needed some great vision.

This project has been plagued with many challenges including material shortages, funding, and two storms that have cause additional damage to the building.  The project has been broken out into 5 Phases.

Phase 1 is the patching, painting and repair of the exterior.  This will also include a new roof on the building.  We were hoping to have this Phase completed by end of 2023 but weather delays pushed into early 2024

The 2nd Phase is painting the ceiling, repair/replacement of entry doors, and replacement of all the old lighting and electrical.  This includes prep electrical for future climate control systems (to be installed later).  This Phase is expected to be completed by end of 2024.

The 3rd Phase of the project will include foundation work, pouring of concrete floor, and laying of the SportCourt Tile playing surface.  This Phase is expected to be completed in Q2 2025

The 4th Phase is the install of interior walls and climate control systems.

The 5th Phase is the locker room


Pictures above are rendering of what we would like the facility to look like.


Pictures above are the outside of the of March 2023.


Pictures above are the inside of the of March 2023.


Pictures above and below are Phase 1 in progress.  Q1 2024


More Information Coming Soon...

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