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Leaf Ray RideShare

This is a new program we are testing with the 2024-2025 season.  The team will be renting a Van.  You can meet the team at a location and ride with your teammates to the rink/hotel for the weekend.

RideShare Details:

How this will work.  Below is details on where the pick up location and estimated cost is.  Each player will need to sign up using the link above and pay the team a deposit.  You will be refunded a potion of this deposit within a week of the competition of the weekend.  A cost breakdown will be emailed along with your refund.  If you choose not to help drive (or are banned from driving) then you will see an extra $20 charge.


Each player is required to book their own hotel room at the hotel listed below.

You are not required to participate in the Leaf Ray Rideshare Program to play with the team.

Note: minimum of 4 people or we cancel the RideShare for the trip

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