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Congrats, you have officially been offered a roster spot on a 2024-2025 Leaf Ray MIHA team.  Please take the time to look through the information on this page including the links.

The full league schedule for each team is posted in the schedule link.  As a reminder you can commit to just one weekend or all weekends.  It is your choice.

The waiver is required to play in any events with Leaf Ray Hockey.  This provides us with emergency contacts incase we need it during a tournament weekend.  A new waiver is required every 2 years.

We encourage all players to join the team GroupMe chat.  This chat will have updated information about the team including weekend schedule, locker room assignments, team dinners, and you can connect with other players to help arrange travel arrangements.

All payments are due via Venmo or PayPal to

The cost is $95 - Per weekend cost

If you have any questions, please email us at

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