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TORHS Nationals Results

Leaf Ray has not competed in a summer National Championships since 2017 when they won the IHA National Championship. This year (2022) Leaf Ray headed off to Tampa Florida to compete in the TORHS National Championships and while the result may not have been exactly what we wanted, they performed well.

Round Robin games: First game up was against the BLB Iguanas from Florida which Leaf Ray dominated in a 9-1 win. Second game brought a little more of a challenge as they defeated Energy XXI from Georgia by a score of 4-1. The third game was quite a battle but Leaf Ray was no match for Brain Freeze from Florida losing 4-5 in a shootout. After a night to regroup, the boys came out strong the next morning defeating Juice Box Heros from Florida 9-1.

With 18 of the 31 teams making playoffs, we knew there would be quite a bit of work left to make it to the championship. The first round of the playoffs Leaf Ray was matched up against Coastal Lighting from Florida which was a physical grind. Leaf Ray was unable to tie the game up late and dropped this game by a score of 1-2.

While we defiantly had hopes to make it further in the tournament, can't be disappointed with a 3-1-1 record finishing 8th place out of 31 teams. Keep an eye out as we will try our hardest to return back next year.

Picture Above: Labeda Leaf Ray - 2022 TORHS National Championships

Back Row (left to right): Drew Downey, Whitney Sturtz, Landon Kooker, Vince Esposito, Justin Humphrey, Jeremy Kalata

Front Row (left to right): JJ Santgata, Ray (Mascot), Blaine Barker (Goalie), Cody Weaver

Not Pictured: Rob Kooker (Coach)

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