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New Ownership/Management

We are proud to announce new ownership and management structure of Leaf Ray Hockey.

Blaine Barker has been an intricate part of the organization since its conception back in 2017 and we are enlighten to have him help turn our program around and lead us to another National Championship as the Owner and General Manager.

Blaine has held previous positions in the organization such as Player, Goalie, Team Captain, Team Manager, Vice President, and Director of Finances.

Notes from Blaine: Previously we were owned and operated by a board of directors which at times would made things difficult. In an hockey organization like ours, there are times where decisions need made on the spot and having a board of directors definitely delays responses. Previously, tough decisions such as tournaments to attend and players to roster were all decided by board members but the General Manager or Team Managers would have to deliver these response that may differ from their personal opinion. I know this has personally happened to me on a couple of situations. We are going to strive to unite as a team and move forward.

This news becomes effective 05/01/22 and while you will not see any big immediate changes, rest assured you will see the team being put back on the rails and headed in the right direction over the next couple of months.

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