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NARCh Colorado Regional Results

Updated: May 31, 2022

Leaf Ray was in Denver Colorado this weekend playing in the NARCh Regional Qualifier. First game up was Friday night against the Tour Fire. Leaf Ray started the game strong and pulled a 9-3 victory out.

Next game was Saturday night against the Oregon Reign where Leaf Ray dominated 8-0. The final Round Robin game was Sunday evening against the Tour Fire Black. The old PIHA rivalry sparked up again in this close match up but Leaf Ray got a the late goal to win 6-5.

Being undefeated automatically put Leaf Ray in the championship game Monday against the Warriors who were also undefeated. The score was close all game but Leaf Ray came out victorious by a score of 4-2 winning gold at the NARCh Colorado Regionals (NARCh Nationals Qualifying Tournament).

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