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MIHA Season Review/Results

Leaf Ray brought 2 teams to MIHA this season. One to compete in the T3A division and one in the T4B division of the league.

T3A team: struggled at the beginning of the season finish the first two tournaments in 3rd place with 2-1 records. However the team managed to turn things around finishing the final two tournaments with 3-1 records and in 1st place in both of those tournaments.

T4B team: started the season strong with a 3-1 first place finish in their first tournament before going on a 6 game losing streak and finishing last in the next 2 tournaments. They picked it up and managed to sneak into the MIHA Finals by picking up a 2nd place finish in the final tournament with a 2-2 record.

MIHA Finals:

T3A team came into the weekend as the 4th seed and a heavy favorite to win the championship. However lack of commitment by the players prevailed and they were the only qualifying T3 team not to play finishing their season in 8th place out of 11 teams.

T4B team came into the weekend as the 7th seed and played better than expected especially considering they had a short bench. They finished the season 5th out of 15 teams in the division.

Picture Above: Leaf Ray (Tier 4) - MIHA Detroit Tournament Champions

Back Row (left to right): Gary Denton (door man), Matt Lynch (goalie), Dan Fowler, Levi Denum, Blaine Barker, Jacob Etzel, JJ Sanataga (coach)

Front Row (left to right): Matt Merigold, Lars Gunnerson, Scott Whiting

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