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MIHA Season Review

Updated: May 28

Leaf Ray had a team that competed in the T4 division of MIHA.

After a rebuilding season last year, the team this year was ready to compete and had high expectations.

The first tournament was in Chicago and the team finished 2nd with a 2-1-1 record. The next tournament in Cincinnati was another good tournament with a 2nd place finish and a 3-1 record. The third tournament in Indianapolis was disheartening with a 2-1 weekend finishing in 3rd place. The team went into the fourth tournament still looking for it's first tournament championship. Chicago didn't disappoint as Leaf Ray came out with a vengeance and went 4-0 bringing home the gold.

The team then traveled to Detroit Michigan for MIHA Nationals. The first game the team did not play very well. Alot of selfish hockey and didn't play the Leaf Ray system. The 2nd game the team took a completely different approach. They used it as a practice and to work on our positioning and passing. While they lost the game, they came away very prepared for the tournament playoffs. The first game the next day, Leaf Ray beat the Pigeons 9-2. However, Leaf Ray lost the next game in the 7th round of a shootout to end the season.

There were 24 teams in the T4 division of MIHA and Leaf Ray finished 4th. Not a bad season and nothing to hang our heads on.

While we would love to say that we will be back at it next year to try again for that title, things will look a lot different next season. With the expansion of our organization, you will see some new faces and likely new divisions.

Picture Above: Leaf Ray (Tier 4) - MIHA Cincinnati Tournament

Player: #97 Ryder Storm

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