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MIHA Detroit Results

Leaf Ray was in Detroit this weekend for our second MIHA tournament of the season. Leaf Ray came into the weekend in 12th place out of 12 teams with a 2-2 record. All teams Leaf Ray played were in the top 10 rank of the league.

First game up was Saturday night against #4 Southwest Ohio Outlaws. Leaf Ray started the game strong with an early 2-0 lead but ran out of stamina losing 2-5. Next game was against the #7 Motown Knights. Again leaf Ray started out strong with an early 2-0 lead which started to fizzle out before Leaf Ray picked it back up ultimately loosing in a shootout 3-4 .

Leaf Ray got matched up against #5 Lansing Street Sharks for playoff Sunday. It was a back and forth game. With less than a minute left in the game Leaf Ray pulled their goalie and but was unable to get the win. A final score of 4-5 sent Leaf Ray home winless on the weekend.

The team may have not won a game but did manage to climb a couple of spots in the standings finishing the weekend in 9th place.

Picture Above: Leaf Ray (Tier 4) - MIHA Detroit Tournament

Players: #30 Matt Lynch, #41 Jacob Etzel, #53 Nate Scott, & #7 Dan Fowler

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