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MIHA Chicago Results

Leaf Ray was in Chicago this weekend for our opening weekend of MIHA. All came into the weekend with no games played.

First game up Saturday morning was against Chi-town Shamrocks. Most of this Leaf Ray team had never played together and it showed as the team was down 0-3 early. They battled back and took the game to a shootout losing my a score of 6-7 Next game was against the Windy City Syndicate. The team completely mixed up the lines and it worked as Leaf Ray came out of the gate strong with an early 2 goal lead. Leaf Ray came out victorious in the 4-2 game.

Leaf Ray got matched up against the undefeated Ontario Wheelin for playoff Sunday. However, it was determined that Canadian team had some roster issues so the game was ruled a forfeit in Leaf Rays favor.

The championship game was a familiar site as we were matched up against the Windy City Pigeons who Leaf Ray lost two championship games to last year. Both teams battled back and forth. Two late goals by the Pigeons secured the 3-6 win for the Windy City. Leaf Ray finished the tournament in 2nd place.

Picture Above: Leaf Ray (Tier 4) - MIHA Chicago Tournament

Players: #24 Levi Denum (Goalie) & #34 Gavin Rock

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