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Leaf Ray

We are building a team for the upcoming 2024-2025 season in PIHA (Professional Inline Hockey Association).

This page will have information about the team.  If you are interested in playing please sign up below.


Team Fee
Players are expected to commit to the full 20 game season and playoffs.  Cost is $350 per player for the entire season.

Additional Cost
Travel - Each player is responsible for their own travel including getting to/from tournaments and hotel cost.Uniforms - not required but if you would like to buy your uniform that is an additional cost

Western Conference Champs.png

Season/Game Set up
The season is 20 regular season games and then playoffs.  The games will be played in 2 game series with 10 series.  we play 3-4 series (6-8 games) in a weekend over 3 weekends throughout the season.  Games are 2x 12 minute stop clock periods.


Player Expectation
Each player is expected to represent our program well while at the rink and hotels.  Any player who does not look or act in a professional manner can be fined and/or suspended by the team.  

Players will also be expected to follow PIHA Dress
Code which is Slacks and collared shirt or team/league logo'd apparel.

LR7 Logo.jpg

Coming Soon...

Games are expected to be on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in Colorado Springs, CO.  Regular Season is expected to be October through January.  Playoffs and Championship will be February and March.



Team Background
Leaf Ray played 4 seasons in PIHA with a combined 70-7-3 record.  Leaf Ray won the Western Conference Championship for the 2018-2019 & 2020-2021 seasons.

Leaf Ray Jerseys.jpg

The team does not require players to buy uniforms.  If you do  wish to buy a uniform it is $50 per article and there are up to 4 articles (White Jersey, Black Jersey, White Pants, Black Pants).  If you do not wish to buy uniforms, the team has jerseys only that you can borrow for the tournament/weekend.  If you do not have Leaf Ray pants, please wear black hockey pants.

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