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Leaf Ray has been looking for a facility to call our home since conception in 2017.  In 2022 the team found a property in Central Iowa.  We are activity working with the property owner about remodeling.  Pictures below are rendering of what we would like the facility to look like.


We are actively working with the property owner and some contractors.  While the property is in rough shape and will need some great vision during the remodel over the next year we are confident that we could call this home.  Below are pictures of the facility as of March 2023.


Two major projects are holding us back right now.  The facility will need a new roof and need a new paved surface.  We have started working with contractors and in hopes to have both projects completed by Fall of 2023.


While we are still waiting on the competition of the roof and concrete floor projects.  We continue to work on other aspects such as getting the sport surface.  We are very excited to have received delivery of our very own sport court hockey tile flooring.  

Leaf Ray Jerseys.jpg
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