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Training Facility Update

For those of you who have been following along for the past year and a half on our journey to have our own training facility, we have not made much progress. We have broken the project into a 5 phase project which we are estimating 5 years to complete.

This project has been plagued with many challenges including material shortages, funding, and two storms that have cause additional damage to the building.

Phase 1 will consist with patching holes, sealing the siding, replacing the roofing, and a fresh coat of paint. We are expecting Phase 1 to be completed in Fall of 2023.

Phase 2 will be foundation and flooring work. This will include the laying of a multi-sport-court flooring system. Once this phase is complete, we are expecting to have the ability to start using the facility for some light skates. This phase is expected to be completed by fall of 2024.

Phases 3-5 will include the boards/walls, insulation, climate control systems, landscaping, electrical and lighting. We are crossing our fingers for no additional unexpected issues which cause delays to the project.

Click Here to follow along with our progress.

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