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Leaf Ray Quarterly Update - Q2 2022

As part of the new ownership there will be quarterly updates on what Leaf Ray Hockey is working on and plans for the future.

Currently the team is at TORHS in Tampa Florida. The new ownership took over May 1st and things have come along nicely since then. We put together a team to play in a NARCh National Qualifier and the team did very well going undefeated (4-0) and bringing home Gold.

We plan to continue that and expand into more similar tournaments. We are also in talks with PIHA (Professional Inline Hockey Association) about returning a Semi-Pro team to the league.

As far as the current MIHA (Midwest Inline Hockey Association) teams. We will not be continuing with the team which competed in the Tier 3 division. However, we will still bring back the Tier 4 team and am in hopes to expand on our roster. The biggest complaint from players was short benches so we are hoping to combat that this coming season. Keep an eye out for details about that season.

If you have any questions or would like to play with us, please contact us at

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